To whom this may concern…

This is the first text post since two years. But it’s for a good reason.

I have quite a lot of submitters to my blog. I value them, I treasure them, I have full respect when people, especially woman in this case, show their beautiful body openly to the world.

BUT I have absolutely no respect for men who post nude pictures of their ex-girlfriends of ex-wifes just to harm them, to humiliate them.

My blog is not open to any such submissions!

In the past I quite often figured such cases and from the offensive and aggressive response to my replies I got always the proof that I was right.

Just a few minutes ago I had again such case… (???, in case you don’t figure that I am talking about you).

And just to be very clear on this: I know very well how to pass the necessary information to the police to make sure these men get what they deserve.


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